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Grow WordPress Traffic with SEO Course

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Whether you want to learn or to share what you know, you’ve come to the right place.

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Whether you want to learn or to share what you know, you’ve come to the right place.

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Whether you want to learn or to share what you know, you’ve come to the right place.

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Dedicated team of experts live and breathe SEO, inbound, content, and digital marketing. Our combined expertise comes together to provide you with the learning resources you need to learn SEO on your own or with an SEO mentor. There are so many reasons to learn SEO.
SEO is a cornerstone skillset for business owners, digital marketers, social media managers, SEO professionals continuing their education, and other professionals who wish to break into the growing SEO industry in the US and globally.
Learn SEO is all about helping you thrive in today's changing search environment. We’ve arrived at The Internet of Things, and search engines are evolving to match the needs of consumers. Customer experience is number one, and if you do not see results with your business or want to know how successful SEO experts and SEO agencies do it, then discover the facts with us here at Learn SEO.

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Why Learn SEO?

Search engine optimization is a family of methods to improve website visibility. More than a way of improving websites for search engines, SEO is a comprehensive and practical approach to optimizing for customers.
Keyword research, competitor research, topical research, and backlink optimization are just some of the things we get into once you begin your journey with us here at Learn SEO. We aim to create the most reliable library of SEO courses you will find online to serve all kinds of SEO students, from beginners to experts. SEO works best with a diversity of skillsets, and here at Learn SEO, we are all about educating, innovating, and experimenting.
Take your SEO skills to the next level, and let us help you uncover areas of opportunity in your SEO efforts or SEO campaigns. SEO is also a helpful discipline for ad managers and copywriters.
Copywriting is best served optimized nowadays; if it's going online for the public to read, then it's best to know how to optimize it before writing down the content. Content writing is forever changed thanks to SEO.
There is now a straightforward method and multiple channels of opportunity that ensure that your content doesn't go to waste. Since content production can be a considerable chunk of your digital marketing budget, why not learn SEO with us so you get content marketing right the first time?

Learning SEO Can Be Fun

Many people avoid reading and learning about SEO because they think it's not very easy. SEO is not rocket science. However, SEO doesn't stop with knowing the methods. You must also learn how to put together the methods to create the desired results. SEO also works better if you integrate search engine optimization with your marketing goals.
This is another misconception about SEO: that it is something that you do after you create a website or start a marketing campaign. Instead, we want to think of SEO as a means to achieve something.

Therefore, you plan and create your new marketing vision with search engine optimization. All the methods you will use will tie back to what you want to achieve in the first place.

SEO is a marketing method. It just so happens that SEO sounds technical and different and involves some technical work that we don't usually associate with marketing. But why would anyone be surprised?

We're talking about digital marketing—the beautiful unification of man and technology. Learn SEO as it was meant to be learned and see the difference. Our SEO courses are guaranteed to provide enlightenment and skills to everyone regardless of their technical understanding and previous knowledge of how search engine optimization works.

The Three Essential Components of SEO

You don't have to be a Google expert to benefit from not knowing everything about how the search engine ranks sites. Successful SEO, however, requires attention to the fundamentals. Imagine a bowl of soup, and that soup represents the three most essential ingredients in SEO.
The contents of the bowl stand for all the technical particulars that must be addressed (often referred to as technical or on-page SEO). If there wasn't a bowl to put the soup in? Excellent soup represents what you have to offer your customers. Google dismisses low-quality content or puts them on page 100.
…And lastly, we add some SEO flavor to your website with quality backlinks. Even if your website is optimized perfectly and you have great content, you won't see significant gains in search engine rankings without acquiring quality backlinks. Though Google admits that many top-rated pages don't have backlinks, you need to learn how backlink profiles work in the long term. If you are doing SEO, you likely have some tough competitors out there who have invested in SEO for years and are now reaping the fantastic benefits.

Don't Become a Black Hat!

Westerns are where we first saw the use of black and white hats in a dramatic context. Both good guys and bad guys were represented. Likewise, in search engine optimization (SEO), the terms differentiate between those who follow Google's recommendations and those who don't.

Black hat SEO refers to avoiding deceptive or spammy methods used to boost a website's search engine rankings. While these methods may increase your site's rankings temporarily, they will likely get your site banned from search engines in the long run. Google penalizes websites. If you previously tried black hat SEO methods and noticed some gains, the search engines will eventually catch on. Please don't risk it. It's never worth it.

On the other hand, white hat SEO describes all the conventional methods of SEO that adhere to the norms and standards. As a byproduct of dynamic optimization, high-caliber content, and a focus on the end user's needs, high search engine rankings are a natural outcome of this strategy. Even though everyone in the SEO industry knows that "white hat" is the only way to go, opinions vary widely on which link-building strategies are acceptable. Ultimately, learning with us will give you the honest answers you are looking for regarding SEO techniques.

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Learn SEO is all about helping you thrive in today's changing search environment. We’ve arrived at The Internet of Things, and search engines are evolving to match the needs of consumers.
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