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Learn SEO is a premier educational platform for learners of search engine optimization. Our experienced SEO experts create course content and other specialized SEO resources for learners of all levels and types, including business owners, professionals, SEO professionals, and professionals who seek additional SEO training to join the global SEO workforce.

The global SEO industry continues to expand, a testament to the need for all digital businesses to integrate SEO into their digital marketing efforts.

As an effective channel of inbound marketing, search engine optimization as a field continues to make strides in improving the exposure and reach of websites from all markets and industry verticals.

Learning SEO begins with understanding the fundamentals of search; why people search online, how they search online, and how they decide which type of websites, pages, content, and sitelinks are likely to help them solve their needs.

Learn SEO is about helping intelligent businesses and professionals grow, one course material at a time. Our team comprises experienced digital marketing and SEO professionals who have spent years in the trenches. Our combined years in the SEO industry are seventeen—we've been through it all.


SEO is Always Cutting Edge

While not many people understand what SEO is, the field has always been there for businesses—growing, correcting, and expanding its methodologies to deliver the best results to business owners, companies, and professionals. However, when there are billions upon billions of pages, and the competition among websites is ceaseless, there has to be a way to make digital marketing sustainable.

Enter SEO. Search engine optimization is sustainable because it doesn't require you to 'rent' space in front of your customers. Running PPC ads means you're on top of Google for some time—but what about other search engines? Google is on top, but not everyone likes using Google. Some use AOL, Bing, Ecosia, and even DuckDuckGo. Online search is naturally expansive, and the internet reaches all corners of the globe through search engines.

Many people miss that SEO works not just on Google but with Bing and all the other search engines. Looking at it in this manner, it is apparent that without SEO, you may not be appearing on other search engines, too. That's a colossal loss of opportunity for more sales, leads, and a higher ROI this year.

Frequently Asked Questions: SEO Edition

What's the timeframe for learning SEO?
What is an SEO experiment?
Are SEO tools necessary?
What is crawling?
What is indexing?
What are search ranking factors?
What's the timeframe for learning SEO?

The standard response to almost any SEO question is “it depends,” so we’ll use that to guide our response here. Although you can pick up the fundamentals in a matter of weeks, it will take months, or even years, of dedicated practice before you can truly call yourself an expert in this field.

 And finally, search engine optimization is constantly changing. So it would help if you always were willing to expand your knowledge and keep up with recent developments, experiments, and discoveries.

But don’t worry: you don’t have to be an absolute expert to begin benefiting from the SEO field. Working knowledge of the best SEO methodologies should bring results in a couple of months. After that, work on your SEO daily, and like any other effort, you will reap the benefits of learning SEO and applying what you know through SEO experiments.

What is an SEO experiment?

We have a soft spot for SEO experiments because people avoid them like the plague. Many people will not think twice about purchasing SEO services from companies they’ve only met online. Still, they’re afraid of making website changes in the interest of on-page optimization. Well, here at Learn SEO, we like to give people more courage to seek their path in SEO and find out what works by trying SEO experiments.

And if you are worried that your SEO experiments will permanently result badly, that is not the case. Unless you do something terrible against SEO guidelines from the big search engines, the worst that could happen is no change. But what if your SEO experiment, fresh from your creative juices, suddenly moves the needle? Who knows!

Are SEO tools necessary?

You should not ignore the valuable information and insights provided by various SEO tools if you are serious about learning this art/science. They help you save time and give you an edge over the competition. You have plenty of choices for SEO tools, and eventually, you will have to sign up for some of them and use them to improve your data collection efforts. No data means you can’t do SEO at all.

What is crawling?

The process by which search engines continuously scan all web pages is known as “crawling.” Crawlers, also known as search bots or spiders, are small bits of code that automatically navigate the Web by following links (as well as updates to the pages they discovered before).

What is indexing?

The information on a website is indexed after it has been crawled. The search engines try to decipher the pages, place them in appropriate categories, and index them. The search engine index is essentially a vast library containing all of the websites that have been crawled for the sole purpose of being indexed and made available for use in searches.

The algorithms, machine learning systems, and technologies that determine where websites rank on Google’s search results are collectively referred to as the algorithm.

What are search ranking factors?

Search engines take into account many factors, including the following, to provide the best outcomes:

  •       User intention
  •       Page relevance
  •       High-quality content
  •       Accessibility
  •       Relevance

As with any other complex system, regular updates and adjustments to the Google algorithm are necessary. Google typically releases two major algorithm updates per year and numerous minor updates that occur daily. They are officially announced by Google and generate considerable excitement among web admins and SEO specialists.

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